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Business outline


"Technology innovation we pursue is something that can provide clients with world's first- class competitiveness and induce quality satisfaction ."


  • First! Technology innovation that we follow is to provide client's world first class competitiveness
  • We give a challenge to develop advanced values, armed with passion and creativity. Then, the value gained by challenge is developed into client's development. In other words, development of clients means development of our company. Moreover, we strongly believe technology innovation through that challenge is the reason why our company exists.


  • Second! Creating new values through innovations in techniques
  • That is the very value JeIl FA co. seeks, and that is the only thing meaningful. One-sided technology that ignores client's demand is not meaningful at all, and we regard that as just dead technology.


  • Third! Contributing to social development as a company participated by society, customers, and staff together.
  • We believe that true enterprise spirit is to make happy society on the basis of respect and trust by working together for staff's satisfaction. JeIl Fa will be an enterprise that pursue better today than yesterday.